At Parlor salon, our guests become our friends.  We like to be personable and we work hard to make every appointment relaxing and enjoyable.  Come experience our exceptionally caring stylists.

-Heather Dragon – Owner & Stylist4A9521B4-57BC-48C6-9498-9DAE3B815CB3

-Jillian McDonnell – Stylist & Lash Artist51DFF593-6AFF-4C20-A2C0-A97443063B70

-Gabrielle Gould – Stylist & Lash Artist

-Ryann Frank – StylistC29A22F7-3F54-418F-BB61-AC5D18E722AD

– Sarah Roma – Stylist573B27C2-9CAA-4F21-A90C-6F31C17E7E2B

-Kianna Carter – StylistD2754FEE-EC2B-48B3-B908-297CF4347C5F

-Sophia Bicknell – Stylist37E234B7-784B-4D31-8C55-C88A2F896744

– Victoria Moffatt – StylistB1BAC841-FFA0-4D26-AF0E-7C52E859821D

– Rianna Greenwood – Salon Assistant 890DF0F7-FE33-42E2-B288-9EA5DD38528C

-Brianna Deschenes – StylistC2432ACC-3B23-476A-987C-1AE8874B6F12

-Tina Wright – StylistEA5BA1B2-A76C-49EF-A5C1-AB80D2196A6A

-Caitlin Magnon – Stylist:     D7B8F2E7-C4CF-4998-A4F2-DBAB1E2C7F97

Book an Appointment 

If you are looking for an appointment and don’t see the time available with your stylist please call the salon 603-715-9012.